CORONAVIRUS and TRAVEL: All you need to know

Corona Virus may affect your itinerary and we assure you, we are working our best to help you manage your travels at the moment. We understand how this is a difficult time for all the travelers culminating in cancellations and re-routing.

Considering the difficulty and gravity of the situation, we have minimal staff and an extraordinarily high call volume, therefore, we might not be able to take your call at this time. To avoid a long wait, please call, only if you have a trip within the next 7 days, so we can better assist those who have to travel urgently.

While the rapid change can be overwhelming for travelers, we are dedicatedly present to help you make well informed decisions. We are working in close proximity with our airline partners in order to keep you thoroughly updated on all the policy improvisations

You may drop us an email at or call at +1 844 844 5844 for all your flight rescheduling and cancellation related concerns. We are working on providing you a hassle-free experience and we appreciate your patience.

Kindly note that most of the airlines are providing date change waivers and travel vouchers, but not the full refund.

We want you to remember that all of us are in this together!